My offer

die wertstaette is strengthening managers in times of turbulences.

by providing them with support in extreme situations, under extreme pressure- with respectful counseling and professional guidance. It is my goal to give support for finding clarity as well as scope. My maxim:
Simply simpler the essentials

My offer consists of 3 products:

  1. Counseling and coaching
    I provide guidance based on competence and care where there is change and/or reform. The search for solutions that are carefully designed is the key for sustaining stability and equilibrium in all ways of life.
  2. Design and implementation of projects
    For periods when the workload is particularly heavy, I offer to take charge of projects in accordance with highest professional standards. Delegation of responsibility for specific projects provides managers with both additional scope for operations and/or effective relief.
  3. Interim management
    In Austria at present the opportunities offered by this type of service remain largely unexploited. As they appear to be appreciated in other well run European economies they are included in my program. The benefits: flexibility if unexpectedly senior staff positions fall vacant, my expertise can be used to fill the gap as long as needed. Given the quick learning potential this allows for continuity in meeting senior staff duties as required in accordance with established practices and regulations.

by providing effective in depth support through counseling and hands-on assistance during crises, emergencies and setback. My offer consists of 2 products:

  1. In-depth counseling
    Together we bring light into the grey, we pick up the shreds, we open the view for the whole. My goal: building up resilience to help regenerate inside forces. Rebalance the out-of balance, re-integrate the disintegrated. "He who finds the middle sees the whole."
  2. Hands-on assistance
    Again and again busy working people are barely able to adequately meet their daily non-professional obligations. I feel equipped to help with competence and commitment in order to make life both easier and more worthwhile.

die wertstaette with its broad spectrum of diligent expertise is at your command disposal.